Engagement rings for women


Engagement rings for women  are the symbol of the promise before the marriage.  It is also a symbol of the commitment to join as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife. Many people propose for engagement in different ways and show the love for their partners. Essentially the question is how important is an engagement ring to you. How important is tradition to you? And how engagement rings remind your love?


What types are you interested?

Just think to choose the right band. When you choose your engagement ring it’s important to have a sense of which band would be best for your lady. Plus, knowing your stuff can help keep you on your toes when you go out to buy a ring, you don’t want to get taken advantage of because you don’t know the difference between gold and white gold, for example.

Do you want traditional or elegant? Consider what fits her lifestyle and personality the best. In addition to your budget, her personal style and her daily activities are the main considerations that should guide your selection of a setting is timeless and showcases the center of diamond without any distraction. You should to choose a ring, and then need to select a style, metal and ring size. Be careful to consider her personality when selection the style.

Here is what you should know about different types of bands:

White gold is gold alloyed with metals purposely to give the mixture an off- white color and must be plated with another metal- rhodium is common-for a bright silvery appearance.

Gold jewelry usually comes in these colors:

Classic yet fashionable, yellow gold achieves its warm patina from the red of copper and the green hue of silver. Yellow gold lost favor to white gold for a while but has recently regained popularity.

Platinum is hard, strong and naturally silvery but will dull slightly from a mirror finish over time with wear, which is not necessarily a problem.


Before you purchase the ring ask a certificate of authenticity and a warranty to accompany the ring. Certificates are very useful to collect where they originated form.

If you are ready, it’s time to propose!