Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings


Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

The Vintage diamond engagement rings are a kind engagement rings that tell a story of history in our modern world. To find the perfect vintage ring that you love, you have so many choices.  Sometimes you have to act fast to make sure the ring you want isn’t snatched up by someone else. To make it a little less stressful, many stores offer experience finding a vintage engagement ring for short time. Vintage diamond engagement rings specifically refers to one over 50 years old.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings Models

Fisher Island is an elegant Edwardian era ring made form platinum 14k yellow, starring a pretty natural sapphire gouged as 35ct with a lovely, and moderate purplish- blue hue. Cut diamonds with total approximate weight of 1.14ct make this ring spectacular.

Ornamental Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring is a lovely variation other the typical cluster ring, an old cut diamond of an estimated 55 carats is centered within a square bezel. Surrounding the main gem are fourteen single cut diamonds doting the surface with sparkle and glitter. Two additional single cuts on the shoulders turn up the brightness even more.

Breathtaking French Cut Diamond Eternity Ring is a spectacular full eternity ring of platinum highlights twenty five. French cut diamonds – are each a glorious 15 carat. Their high color and clarity is typical of French cuts.

Things you should know about Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage are very beautiful and are pieces of history. These diamonds don’t look like the diamonds that are cut today. Which is precisely why people are so drawn to them? They are mysterious with history and stories that we all wish we were lucky enough to hear. All of the antique and vintage diamonds in  classic diamond engagement rings are unique to their own time period, which makes wearing one even more special.

Clarity and color are some of main characteristics that featuring an antique diamond. Finally, it is your choice to choose for the right wedding ring.