Vintage Engagement Ring Settings


Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

Vintage engagement ring settings come as the symbol of love and a wear lifetime. Vintage rings are timeless, unique pieces that often have far more character than modern rings. Vintage pieces have the potential to become heirlooms passed down for generations.

How to buy a Vintage Engagement ring Settings?

Visit local jewelry store or browser that can help you to have the best choice. There are several points you need to keep in mind when searching for that perfect ring. Vintage rings are often quite delicate, with intricate patterns and tiny accent stones. Older rings often have the accumulated dirt and oils of decades of ring fingers embedded in the prongs, settings, and other minuscule niches of the ring, and thus may not appear as sparkling as they will a thorough cleaning. If you are buying a gemstone other than a diamond, keep in mind that these stones may be quite a bit softer and more vulnerable to time and everyday wear.

Usually, vintage engagement ring settings are not made to be worn every day. Clean your fingers after hard work, or sports activities and always store it in a safe location. Nowadays many jewelers can create the same delicate designs and intricate patterns of vintage engagement rings with new bands and stones. Technology makes this process easier and cost less expensive than a true antique.

Some of the stores where you can find new rings done in vintage are:

Ritani offers vintage engagement ring with a yellow gold or platinum metal.  Their delicate design made with diamonds cut using the latest technology, bring out maximum beauty and sparkle.

Fireze Jewels also offers selection of style settings from which you can choose among. Some are sold as settings and others are available as complete rings etc.

Vintage Engagement Ring settings design

Common styles such as: Victorian designed in the Victorian era are made out of yellow gold or rose gold, Edwardian must be platinum or white gold which is less expensive. Art deco becomes simpler than during the previous era of fancy and intricate lace patterns.