Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings


Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage inspired engagement rings are so charming and attractive. They are just stunning pieces and people will be wondering where you got an antique ring. A brown ring would be a great neutral hue to wear with any of your ensembles, or a fierce pink cocktail ring will add a pop of color to your look. The inspired collection is a showcase of contemporary diamond engagement or dress rings, the concepts of which are inspired by everyday surroundings.

Engagement rings have been the ultimate symbol of love for thousands of years. In Egypt, they wore rings on the third finger of the left hand to mark where the” vein in love” went directly to the heart, starting a tradition that continues today. The most important value factor to consider when shopping for engagement rings is the quality of the center stone.

Vintage inspired engagement models

Melissa ring is a perfect diamond ring which requires balancing cut, color clarity and carat weight. It is the collection from Gemvara. This set collection include: Flamengo ring, Elizabeth Ring, Emerald ring, Megan ring, Mantilla ring, Acadia ring, Vanessa ring, Elena ring etc.

Inspired Vintage Bound ring uses elements of depth and texture to create a simple yet distinctive, providing the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. This ring has been designing by Ian Douglas, who innate ability to analyze a client’s desire and create their dream jeweler.

Vintage Diamond engagement ring is inspired design which will highlight the center stone of your choice beautifully. Ten round diamonds, at approximately 14 carat total weight, and beautiful milgrain detailing add sparkle and panache to this 14 karat white gold engraved design.

Diamond vintage style square comes with classic style. It’s the best moment to ask for hand with this vintage inspired engagement ring. Fashioned in 10K two-toned gold, the eyes is drawn to the cluster of shimmering round diamonds. The ring’s wide shank is set with row of accent diamonds, completing this exquisite design.